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Pain in my...

Cervix! Ouch.
Just bought a Diva Size 2 (am 34, but have never had kids and have v good muscles - so actually feel like I should've got a smaller one) and have sussed out the insertion and removal, and have turned it inside out to make shorter...but the pain it is causing to my poor cervix is insane! The cup won't sit low, it slides up and so swallows my cervix and being new to this I'm not sure if it's the suction or the actual pressure from the cup touching my cervix that's causing the pain, but I've had to give up and resort to pads for the rest of my cycle.

I have never had any issues like this with tampons (but have been on the pill until recently so perhaps my dangly cervix is a new thing?), but hate the way they irritate and cause dryness to would like to get this cup thing sussed. Has anyone had this pain in the cervix issue? and if so has a shorter/softer/smaller etc cup helped? I do have trouble getting the diva to open, though this is easier now it's inside out, and theres no way I can get a finger all the way up to the rim to push the air out as I've seen suggested. I am deep, but with this new dangly earring I obviously need the cup to sit lower? The pain was worse when sitting, and is still pretty sore actually lol, but it's a nice distraction from the normal cramps I suppose. I have looked at the Meluna - looks like there is a mini size, but because this diva seems to want to ride up as far as it can, I worry that a shorter cup is going to do the same and then just be a cradle for my darn cervix and not leave and room for the puddle! I have a light/med flow.
I have just signed up to LJ so I hope I worked that LJCut right, and apologies if I missed a post in the archives on this! Thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, first time use, insertion, meluna, meluna - soft, seal & suction

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