Maggie (maggiesplay) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Proud Newbie!

I'm a 28 year old virgin on month two of my cup, and I'm loving it! I was very squeamish about the idea of the mess, but it hasn't been bad at all. I chose a MeLuna soft cup, size medium with a ring, because I thought that a ring might make removal easier. I did a couple dry runs before my first "official" use, and it was horrible. So painful, and I was never able to get it inserted. So when I tried it on day one of my cycle last month, I wasn't very hopeful. It took about a half hour, and experimenting with multiple folds, but I got it in. I found that the origami fold was the only one that worked for me (plus lube!). I had read that soft cups can have trouble popping open, but with the origami fold it has opened without any finagling or leakage every time. Removal was another story, though. For the first four days or so, holy crap was that painful. I was bearing down/pulling it straight out. Bad idea! After reading up on some tips, I found that pinching the end, eventually forming a c-fold made for much easier removal. And the pain when it finally pops out was completely alleviated by angling one side out first before the other. I'm on day two of my second cycle using the cup, and I can't even tell it's in anymore. Adios tampons and pads!
Tags: insertion, meluna - soft, popping open, removal
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