H (heatherrebecca) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leakage getting better but now??

So I've posted a few times here, I've been using a Lunette size 1 and small Fleurcup for about two months now. Still incredibly new at this, the leakage had subsided (yaaay!!!) I managed to finally get the cup situated right around my cervix. When I'm sitting its off to the left - thus why I was having some problems before about constant leaking.

Although I've had two major incidents of gushing this cycle (one yesterday and one today) And I mean "oh my goodness - find me a bathroom pronto" gushing. Empty the cup - it's half full. Underwear are completely soaked in blood and ruined by this point and I'm just left confused and a little upset :-/ is it sliding down and tipping over and thus full? This was after several hours of wear - so changed it at 9-10am this morning and the gush happened at 3:45pm. Yesterday same approximate time. It didn't feel out of place or low or anything but I'm probably too inexperienced to even know the difference. :-(

Any suggestions? Reassurance? It happened while at work today. No way to change and just completely miserable.

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