Ashley Who (Ashley Hron) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ashley Who
Ashley Hron

Firmer cup?

So, due to leaking with my menstrual cup, I chose to experiment with sea sponges and cloth pads for awhile. I have been reusable since November 2009, so over 3 years now! I tried my Meluna Soft XL this cycle, and it does leak still. Thinking about it, my pelvic floor muscles are quite strong (lots of kegels and yoga!), and I think they are crushing the cup. Does this make sense?
Overall, it does leak less than my Keeper Moon Cup did (morning floods). So, I do think the size and shape work better for me, and am considering a medium or large Meluna or Meluna sport (The XL takes up the entirety of space in there). A cup being too firm versus too easily smushed seems like a better trade off, that's why I'm looking into the Sport.

But I wanted your guy's opinions on if pelvic muscles can crush the cup and cause leakage. Does that happen, or is my thought totally off? Any responses or advice would be amazing! Thanks!
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