albatrosswoman (albatrosswoman) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Best postpartum cup after a BIG baby?

Hello all! I've been looking through the archives but I haven't really found an answer to this question. I'm 29 and have had two children vaginally--the second was 10lbs, 2oz with shoulders that got stuck. Doing the Kegels, but as you can imagine things are just not quite what they were. My cycle has returned after 13 months (it took forever!) and it's so much heavier than it was. My size 2 Diva is just not up to the job--it slips and shifts really easily. I can't even take a walk to the corner and back without risking it popping out completely. Someone recommended a MeLuna XL but before I buy one I wanted to know if there was anything else? I've had three post-huge-baby cycles and they've all been horrors. My cervix is somewhat low, I guess.

ETA: If it helps I used the size 1 Diva for 2 years pre-babies and the size 2 Diva between Daughter 1 and Daughter 2 with no issues whatsoever.

ETA 2, ten days later (for anyone doing a search): The suggestion to turn the Size 2 Diva inside out worked like a charm. I used a cloth pad as backup for the first two days (and was glad I did for the first overnight) but otherwise this was a perfect solution. Glad I didn't spend the $$ on a new cup!
Tags: divacup, meluna, postpartum, sizes/size issues

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