Amelia (mood_swinger23) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for comparison photos...

Hi cupaholics,
I am looking for some specific comparison photos.

I currently have a L fleur, small Lunette Diane, and Jasmine (using a Diva for reference since they are more common).

I am looking for...
• a small Lunette with a (L) Cuplee

• Pictures of a blue (new?) Cuplee. Wondering if the femininewear periwinkle sort of color is the current color, and if it's as solid as it appears.

Basically any combination of the tags above, highlighting Cuplee and Large Meluna compared to the three other cups that I have.

And if anyone by chance has comparison photos of the Lunacup, Lilacup, or Sckoon, (with or without any of these tags, I just would like an idea of size), that would also be lovely. Thanks!

PS (edit)-- does anyone know if anything is new with Cuplee? On their .ru page, it shows lots of different colors (like purple!), and also makes mention of 2 sizes. These show on for purchase as well. Femininewear only has a few colors and the one size. And I'm not sure of any other distributors to cross-check sizes/colors.
Tags: cup lee, divacup, fleurcup, lunette selene, meluna

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