The Devil's Advocate (shrapnelshrike) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Devil's Advocate

New, and looking for some experienced second opinions!

Hi folks! I'm new to using a cup- 23, virgin, usually I have a couple very heavy days and the start of my flow and then it trails off. I also have a pretty irregular period, so sometimes I'm dealing with it two weeks out of the month, which is why I'm switching to cups.(This also means that the intensity of my flow varies quite a bit.) I've been reading the entries in this community, but I wanted to get some direct advice for a couple decisions.

I bought a size 1 Diva about a week ago, kind of as an impulse buy. It's a brand I'd heard of, and it's what my one friend who uses a cup uses. I had my period this past week, and I had a really good first experience- no problems with leaking  inserting or removing. The only problem I did have was the stem chafing my vaginal entrance. The first day it was pretty bad, so I trimmed the stem about halfway, which reduced it to a sort if itchy tickle when I'm walking- still annoying, but not bad at all. I work a desk job, and I don't notice it sitting, but I definitely do when standing and walking, and I wind up kegeling and fidgeting, which makes me self-conscious.

I think I could probably trim it all the way, but because I just menstruated a couple weeks ago, my flow was much lighter and shorter than usual. I wanted to ask if it would be a bad idea to trim the stem the rest of the way off. I've tried feeling around for my cervix, but it's mostly amounted to "Well, that feels squishy and warm!" What are the odds that my cervix will rise(?) enough to make the cup difficult to remove (bearing in mind I've had no problems so far) during a more "normal" period?

Since it seems like the Diva is long for me, I was thinking I would get a second, shorter cup. I'm currently leaning towards a large MeLuna classic. I wanted to know if anyone could give me their personal comparison of a Diva versus a Meluna classic, particularly in terms of "squish" factor (I've seen the charts, but that's not very helpful when I only have one point of comparison). I was also wondering about pros and cons about the different kinds of grip style. I'm leaning away from the stem, and I was wondering if the other two were any less irritating? Or, if I still find them annoying, are they more difficult to trim off than the stem style?

Thanks for taking the time to help a newbie out!
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, first time use, meluna, stem length/trimming

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