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For my past 2 attempts, every single time I try to remove the cup after removal after wearing for many hours, it gets stuck at my vaginal entrance and I can't remove it without intense pain. It's too much for me to bear, so I punch it in and squish it out awkwardly. Would anyone know why this has started to happen? I can feel skin blocking the way, so I can presume it is my hymen (feels like I'm trying to stretch a rubber band or something.. it's really bad), but I have tried stretching it and I have used the cup a lot now. The time before last time I had intense pain after I had removed it. I have pain now after my last removal problem and it getting stuck, but not as much as last time. It gets so badly jammed in there and I can not figure out what to do when this happens now. I never had a problem before with the cup with this happening. I would like to be able to remove the cup without tipping it or twisting it to get it to come out. I still don't feel like it is collecting all of my discharge internally, but rather more externally. I always feel a lot of gaps inside my vagina so I can never know if the cup is 'blocking' these gaps at all. That worries me a lot when I first try it on my period as I bleed heavily.

I can now suddenly insert my fingers into my vagina (past two days) to feel along the side of the cup to see if the 'punch down' will open (no other folds will open for me). This is great I can now feel the sides of the cup properly to see if it has opened, but it is still very hard for it to pop open ( and pretty weird I can suddenly feel the side of the cup a lot more now). I must note the time I was able to put my fingers into my vagina and prodded the cup I felt it 'pop' for the first time. I also had no discomfort and sleep pretty well. Later on when I removed it when I woke up, that was the time when the cup first got stuck.
I will twist it.. prod it and it just won't open. The only thing that helps is pulling it down with the ring a bit which helps with prodding, but it is still a huge nuisance. I hate spending a long time just sticking my fingers in trying to adjust and shift and insert. I don't want to get too 'messy' when I actually do try it on my period. It is harder to turn the cup now too. The only way I turn it is by pulling with the ring in a a clockwise and anticlockwise motion but this is really hard to do for me, it does it VERY slowly and hurts a bit too. Do you think my cervix has shifted? My period is due in about a week.

I also thought my vagina was being more willing for me to let me insert the cup but it's now back to being hard to insert. I will keep trying to push it in, but it just refuses to go in. Using lubrication (water is useless, tried inserting in the bath many times) is the only way it will go in, but even that is not so easy anymore. It is still painful and awkward to insert the cup as usual no matter what.

I am much more comfortable with cups now. I like trying it every day as I leak a lot of discharge (still don't get why the cup doesn't collect it that much). But I am still suffering pain with inserting and removal. Removing is far more painful than insertion, even when I don't have the 'hymen problem' (if my hymen is the problem with the 'stuck' issue).

I'm really sick of the pain I feel for a long time after removal more than anything right now as it lasts quick a while.

Note : I have not worn the cup on my period since I got the meluna last month. I tried last month but had no luck with it going in. I'm going to try it out on my next period but I'm worried about getting 'messy' with it as I stick my fingers in there to adjust and move the cup a lot.

Would anyone have an idea of another cup brand I can use that is soft and pops open easily? I use the Meluna L classic, but I read the Meluna is the WORST for popping open. I feel like it is too coarse for my vaginal walls and would prefer something much easier to stop the pain I have.
juliiie87juliiie87 on February 21st, 2013 02:15 pm (UTC)
Well first off, you're stil on the learning curve since you haven't been able to try it on your period yet, so don't worry ! It'll get better ! And don't get a new cup until you've tried for at least one period, so you know what to look for! Most users report it's actually MUCH easier while on your period, because you get more lubricated and somehow perhaps more relaxed as well (plus your cervix will have its actual period position, which is the most relevant info upon picking a cup). It's also not at all uncommon to need extra lubrication and while I like to wet my cup so it gets in nicely, the shower is not the best because natural secretions or lube are more stretchy and slippery than water, so washing them off doesn't help. That's why sex in the shower/bath is not as easy as it sounds ! :p

Yes, it is also perfectly natural that your cervix will "shift" or move up or down over the course of your cycle, nothing to do about that, but I don't think that's an issue here. It's also completely normal that it doesn't catch all discharge, since apparently not all discharge comes from the cervix, and y'know, unlike tampons cups merely collect what comes from the cervix (vaginas still largely remain a mystery to modern science.... sigh), that's why cups don't dry you out, which is actually much healthier. That's how your vag keeps itself comfy and clean. But if you're bothered by it, you might want to wear pantyliners on the days it's more abundant, preferably cloth ones as they are - again - healthier. I'm a bit obsessed with staying dry so I <3 mine.

And huh, yeah it's generally advised to sort of refold the cup however you can to remove it (I think Melissa has a video on youtube about removal... check out her channel, it's the same that I linked below). Wich is mostly a non-issue, unless it gets really really full, then you might spill, but with a bit of practice you can learn to aim for the toilet bowl, instead of your hand or the floor. So it's not as messy as it may seem, since most blood should be nicely contained inside the cup, you might get some on the tip of a couple fingers, but honestly it's no big deal, just wipe them or stick them under the faucet and there ya go!

That being said, I can empathize, the large classic meluna did seem quite large & bulky to me, especially considering the firmness. My advice would be to look for a softer, possibly more tappered cup, but that REALLY depends on what your needs in terms of length and capacity are.... which you'll better figure out once you've actually used the cup ! Cuplee & Si-bell come to mind, just because I <3 über soft cups, or just a soft meluna ? If you end up mostly liking yours. But that's really a talk for the future. For now, if /when your *hymen gets in the way, just try to tilt the cup and push your flesh out of the way with your fingers ? And remember to relax, bear down as if you were going N°2, and maybe use a dab of lube also on the way out ? And definitely refold the cup, not spilling doesn't matter as much as comfort. For insertion, I recommend the labia fold, it's pretty much foolproof for this type of cup : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt6L-POE-b0

Sorry that was long ! basically most of what you're saying sounds plain old NORMAL to me. :)

Edited at 2013-02-21 02:24 pm (UTC)
kiba_koumorikiba_koumori on February 21st, 2013 05:22 pm (UTC)
Hi, I find that the cup was easiest to insert when squatting down. Push like when you have to do number 2 will help you not unconsciously tense your vaginal wall.

If you're thinking of getting a different cup...

If your cervix is low (within reach) I'd suggest Lady Cup. It pops open easily and the smooth surface makes insertion painless.

-small Lady Cup: punch down fold for insertion works best for me...At first I tried triangle fold and it ended up horizontally inside...a nightmare to take it out.

-Large: Origami fold works best for me...when I used punch down it does not open easily...

The problem is removing...It's slippery. I usually glide my finger up to do a punch down fold to get it out. Because of doing that, blood will spill if the cup is pretty full; it won't spill if you don't bleed much...(from my experience anyway)

Edited at 2013-02-21 05:25 pm (UTC)
inazumarionrhodinazumarionrhod on February 22nd, 2013 02:55 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry it's painful for you! That doesn't sound like any fun.

I'd wait 'til you've got your period again, though; it really does feel different then, and your cup may sit in an entirely different place, then, as well, because your cervix may move. I've heard of it lowering more often than rising during cycles, so retrieving the cup may actually not be as bad then.

Once you're on your period you'll be able to see how the capacity is for you, and if it's still painful to remove or insert, you'll have a better idea what you might change. If the capacity's more than enough, you might try moving down a size; if the capacity's just right, you could try the same size in Soft.

Be patient with yourself. You'll find what works for you. :)