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Need Help On Picking A Cup!

Hey everyone! I'm baaaack! I've been reading up and lurking for a while now and have had a positive few months with my menstrual cup. It's gotten me through a week-long hospital stay, a few fox hunts, and all sorts of things. I can't complain! I'm hooked on cups, and it's very true. You don't go back! I still have an unopened box of tampons from months ago that I never used because my cup came just in time. I ordered a Ladycup (small) a few months back.

But now, I think I may need something new now that I'm no longer a cup virgin! After all, Ladycups do look to be the smallest regular cups around! (Besides the MeLuna mini cups!)

I've had no issues with insertion at all and although I hate removal I've gotten used to it and it's no problem for me. I'm 18, a student and am a virgin (so no children!)! So the Ladycup was what I got because let's face it, cups are sort of intimidating at first! Well now, I've definitely gotten used to it and I think I've gotten over the learning curse. I don't feel it at all and it's very comfortable. I did trim the stem a bit, but it was never an issue. I use the push down or punch fold.

I'm not to thrilled with having to empty my cup every hour or so! No one has time for that! I'm a competitive horseback rider, so I'd say my kegal muscles are pretty strong. I think my cervix is in the medium to long range. I'm 5'8" and 130 lbs. Really, I'm looking to find something with more capacity for my heavier days. I'm happy with my Ladycup on my last 2-3 days, but the first 3 are killer. I was thinking the small Divacup, but from what I understand that's a pretty big leap and I don't want to get something I can't use. I'm going to Florida on Friday and my period crept up on me so I'm only NOW thinking about getting something larger! I mean, I admit, my period is something I forget about. It's when I get it I'm looking for my cup and so unprepared! I blame my busy schedule. I can get a Diva literally 5 minutes away (we have a Natural Foods store in town) and it's currently what I'm think I may go do right now. So I can at least have a full 2 days with it before to see how it goes/if it is comfortable, ect.

I'm pretty desperate right now and just wondering on the professional cup users thoughts on me getting a Diva. To big? Help?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, divacup
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