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LadyCup customer service problem rant...

I apologize in advance but I have no where else to let it out. I've been e-mailing back and forth with their customer service for about a week now...

I bought a new LadyCup to replace my old one that I had to throw away for a reason I will not get into since it's not the main point. At the same time, I bought a full package for Lady P, to use when I go camping or hiking. They sent them separately...not a big deal...anyway, I had a problem with my LadyP Package
(This is the product:

The PICTURE showed that I will receive the Lady P, the bag, 5 towelletes, hand sanitizer, lady cup cleansing gel, and an extension tube. Anyway, I was missing the hand sanitizer and emailed them...

-I received an incomplete package of LadyP.
-Not all of the items that were shown in the picture display were in the box.
-I was missing the hand sanitizer.
-The customer service representative basically told me that it did not matter what the product picture showed;
-she told me that the product description did not include hand sanitizer.
---This did not make sense to me because I received an extension tube for the LadyP, which was NOT in the product description.
----so I told the person, and she just replied this..."The extension tube is not in the product description." Um...WTH??? Was she not reading what I said!?!

Update: I have not got any response from them. Some comments said that I probably got the extension tube (not in the description) as an extra. Um.. no!

The LadyP kit I ordered is called "All in one" (This one--Click to see) but I received the package of "Big pack"(if I was not supposed to receive the extension tube)...(This--click to see); the difference in price is about 3 US I paid more and got less. guess I should have sent them these two product page instead of the youtube video that I later realized that I might have assumed that she got the same package.

Below is the whole e-mail stuff if you want to read...

[Read the messages that I've sent and received from Lady Cup customer service-(Click here)]If you feel like reading...these are the messages I've been sending and receiving for about a week.

"Hi, I just realized that I did not receive the hand sanitizer that should have been included in the packet. When I first opened the box I noticed it was missing the hand sanitizer, but I thought I probably made a mistake and ordered the packet without it. Turns out I check my order history and I did order the one with hand sanitizer.

Anway, I am missing the hand sanitizer."

"Hello, Please, see the product description. (1× LadyP, 1× LadyP Protective Case, 1× LadyGel 300ml, 1× LadyWipe 5pcs)

Best regards, Iveta Stutzova, Jaguara, s.r.o.

- ladycup-2008"

"Dear ladycup-2008,

If we were going off of product description, I would have not received the extension tube, but I did, and it's in the picture. If the hand sanitizer is not included it should not be in the picture."

"Hello, The extension tube is not in the product description (1× LadyP, 1× LadyP Protective Case, 1× LadyGel 300ml, 1× LadyWipe 5pcs).

Best regards, Iveta Stutzova,

- ladycup-2008"

My last response...
"Dear ladycup-2008,

Hi, I think I was not clear in what I said. The picture INCLUDED the extension tube. I RECEIVED the extension tube. It came WITH the package. But it was NOT listed in the description.

Therefore, it made no sense that you said that I did not get the hand sanitizer because it was NOT LISTED in the description, even though it SHOWED in the picture.

Here is the product review from someone who ordered the same package I did and she received everything

I want you to be aware of this mistake and take appropriate action. I don't want to argue about a hand sanitizer. You don't want to send it to me, it is fine. I do not want to waste my time on this. If your associates forget to include it in the package, please take note of this mistake. If you no longer include the hand sanitizer then take it out of the picture display. "

This gives me a headache! Ugh was like talking to a log.
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