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UPDATE 2/21: The Lunette is still leaking and too low of capacity for heavy days. I've decided the Fleur is just TOO big. Nothing I seem to do can make it comfortable. Fold issues, insertion and removal issues, feeling stretched out when it's been out for a while, etc. Just don't like it or even the idea of it right now. Not going to deal with it because all it's done is piss me off. Unless I cut down the stem on the Jasmine to try next time (two heaviest days are over now) I'm not sure what else to do short of getting a fourth cup. I either cross my fingers that the Jasmine will work, find a FOURTH cup to try, or give up on cups entirely and have to stick to cloth, which I've discovered I'm really horrible about keeping up with.

Alright. So I now have 3 different cups. A "Jasmine" (Diva with Fleur stem?), a Large Fleur, and a small Lunette.

This will be cycle 3 using a cup. I still haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I have a high cervix so I'm afraid to cut any of the stems in the case I need them for my lighter days; on heavy/short cervix days they tend to bother me though.

I used the Jasmine on my semi lighter days and it seemed to work okay. On my lightest, I'm just using liners. On my heaviest days when the Fleur works, it works okay. As my cervix gets higher, it hurts too much to take out and I really don't like it. Capacity seems alright, but I'm still suffering leaks regardless. The Lunette's holes seem to clog up quickly (I clean them each time) and besides trying to enlarge them, as someone previously recommended, I'm not sure what else to do. I think I like the Lunette the best in terms of comfort, but it doesn't seem to hold up well enough to capacity and leaks.

I tried to turn my Jasmine inside-out, with no luck. It didn't keep it's shape well when I tried to put it in.

I tried to find my cervix and angle it towards it, but I don't think I'm getting it to sit in the right place.

So I have three options, yet with all I'm having leaks (it's not RS, it's full on leaks), stem irritation, and size/rim irritation at least with the Fleur.

Suggestions so I don't run into these problems in the next few days? Suggestions for another cup? I'm still considering a Large Meluna or something else, but can't get one in the next 2 days when I'd need it.
mood_swinger23 on February 22nd, 2013 03:34 am (UTC)
For the life of me, I can't get that fold to stay. It always ends up onpopping the pinched part and I can't get it to hold. I decided to try the punchdown again though, since it was similar. I got it in, but when it popped open it hurt. I've had some pressure on/off all day with it in, hurt when it took it out even with pinching the bottom like I always do. And still hurting since I took it out about a half hour ago, so I was NOT about to put it back in, to pop it open from a punchdown, and have it just hurt all over again.

It doesn't leak, and it holds more than the Lunette, I like the material/color, it folds OK, and that's it. Body wise I kind of hate it. It isn't comfortable at all...I really do think there is such a thing as a cup being too big. So I think I either have to shorten the stem of the Jasmine to try to use on my heavier days, empty the Lunette out excessively (woke up this morning with it leaking, but holes weren't clogged), find a fourth cup, or not use a cup at all. :/

I'm pissed.
Jennifer Monoteasy2begreen on February 22nd, 2013 03:48 pm (UTC)
Have you tried bearing down with the Jasmine to see if you can remove it by the base (rather than the stem)? That might tell you how far you can trim the stem. I have a fairly average height cervix (3 - 3.5") and have used a stemless (and gripless!) cup. You do have to bear down more, but I haven't had too much trouble removing them. I'm also contemplating trimming my Jasmine stem by a notch or two.

I don't have a large Fleur, but I do have a NaturalMamma, which is slightly narrower and longer in the body (and a smidge softer). It's my biggest cup (43cm circumference), and while it's not as horrible as your large Fleur is for you, I can definitely feel it more. Even with the small Lunette, which is very slightly more flared than my LadyCup, I can feel more pressure.
teacupcake89 on February 23rd, 2013 11:31 am (UTC)
are you using both hands to keep the cup folded until you want it to open up and then let go slowly?

I would suggest putting lots of lube on yourself before removal, really helps with feeling sore and uncomfortable!

also you mention having to pull on the Fleur's stem for removal? are you bearing down so the stem is lower down/easier to grab? (several pushes not just one big push can be more effective) also if you bear down while pulling the stem that can help with any suction-y feeling.

it's still early days, so there's a strong chance your technique will improve with more practice (and trying to stay positive!)