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Softer Stem, but still with high capacity

Hello all!

I haven't posted here in some time, but I do read the community regularly.

My issue is that I seem to have developed greater sensitivity to my beloved Lunette's (only cup I have ever used, both sizes) stems. They feel pokey-er than they used to, even on the smaller cup (which what I usually use), the large always was a bit pokey. I cannot trim them because I seem to have a very long vagina with very strong pelvic floor muscles. The only way I can get a cup out is to get down into a full squat, bear down, grab ahold of the end of the stem with one hand and hang on for dear life, and slide the index finger of the other hand up to the rim to break the seal. Pinching the bottom of the cup does absolutely nothing. It's always been very tough to remove the large cup -- I usually have to get some tp around the tip of the stem to maintain a grip, and breaking the seal is VERY difficult -- but it's become a problem on the small cups, too, now.

Anyway, I have finally (deep breath) decided to consider a different cup. I really want something with a softer stem than the small Lunette. It needs to be a fairly high-capacity type cup, and as far as cup softness goes, the softer small Lunette has always been better for me in terms of leakage than the firmer large. That's backwards from what it is supposed to be, I know, but that is what seems to work with my body.

I've though about the Femmycycle and the FleurCup. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Thank you, fellow cuppers!
Tags: lunette, seal & suction
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