Skye (abuja) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Time to upsize?

Hello, I have been a Diva cup (small) user for approximately 7 years and I haven't had any mechanical problems since first starting use. I have a very heavy flow and am used to having to dump my cup a few times a day on my heaviest days which is not a problem. However, lately my cup seems to be sitting really LOW.
I am 26, I recently (2months ago) suffered a miscarriage and during my 1st cycle afterwards I had no trouble with my cup. I am an inside out user because my cervix is so low. However, now that my cycle seems to have re-regulated this cycle my cup is sitting really low, so that even when it's in properly, no leakage, it still is not comfortable. I have found that when I go to the bathroom I need to readjust even on my lighter days which wasn't a problem before.
Is it time to upsize? The diva cup website says after a pregnancy to move up a size, but I wasn't sure where that line got drawn. I was 11wks (fairly early) at the time of the loss and I am not sure if I should move up a size.
Any suggestions? I love my cup and want to continue to use it, I just want to not have to dump and adjust every time I use the bathroom (1 or 2).
Thanks in advance!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, heavy blood flow, inside-out

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