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Leaking Lunette

I've been using a size 2 Lunette for two cycles now and am well on the learning curve! I think I've mastered the insertion, I have no issues inserting - I squat down, use a c-fold (with the holes inside the fold) and point it downwards and let it open fully just past my pubic bone and I definitely hear a suction noise when this happens. I then kegel it upwards a little, but leave it pretty low. Very soon it vanishes up inside. My first day and the last few days are perfectly fine, no leaks, very comfortable. But for my 2-3 heaviest days I can't figure out why it is leaking. On my heavy days, which is when obviously you really need it work, the cup is open and collecting my flow, but it's also leaking! I've read through many posts already, but am at a point where I need some specific advice.

Two questions:

* I have only just found my cervix - it took me forever, and I think it might be considered 'high'? It is 5cm (2") in, tucked up to the left in a little corner. Is this considered high, and if yes, is the Lunette a good cup design for this? Any advice for getting a good seal around a cervix in a weird spot? Also, how much does your cervix position change over the cycle - is this why the cup works on some days and not on others?

I am only just starting to 'point' the cup in the direction of my cervix, so I will know soon if this helps.

* I firstly tried the lunette 1, but was leaking too so I thought I'd try the bigger one. Both are comfortable and work around my heavy days, but I haven't tried any others. Any recommendations for other cups that might suit my anatomy? The options are a little overwhelming. I think I'm a bit wide - at least it feels that way, with my cervix to the one side it seems there's more room for error, so I'm not sure a small cup would suit.

I really, really want to love this - on the days it works I do, but on days it doesn't I feel like a failed woman! Many thanks for any advice/comments :D
Tags: cervix position, insertion, leakage & spotting, lunette, seal & suction

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