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First full cycle with a variety of cups! Comparison time!

Diva Cup (small)- I've used the diva cup for about 2 years and I liked it, but it had its faults. First of all, the detailed writing is a PAIN to clean. Such a design flaw! Another design flaw is the tiny holes. Again, a pain to clean and they do not release suction properly. Despite its flaws, it had a very nice capacity and served me well over the years.

Lunette (large)- I ended up giving this cup up to mc_sales. After getting my paragard IUD, I was overflowing my diva in an hour or so, so I needed something bigger. I loved the large holes and lack of hard to clean detailing, but the stiffness along with the bulbous shape made it uncomfortable to wear.

Fleucup (large)- Love it! There are large, slanted holes that clean very easily. The "bell" shape allows for maximum capacity. Even though the capacity is comparable to that of the large lunette, I only had to empty it every 2-3 hours compared to the 1-2 hours with the diva and lunette. Awesome! Also, even thought the stem is identical to that of the lunette, somehow I didn't feel it even though it stuck outside my body a centimeter or so. I left it intact where I had to completely trim the diva and lunette stems. The only downside of the Fleurcup I found was opening/ removal was difficult because of the softness.

Keeper Moon Cup (small)- I LOVE THIS CUP. The ONLY con I have on this cup is I can't wear it on my 2 heavy days, otherwise it would be my "goldilocks" cup. It opens perfectly every single time and after learning the "pinch and pull" technique, removal is easier than the other cups as well, depite the small holes. Maybe because the fact it has more holes makes up for the size of them? I can't feel it at all where I can just barely feel the fleurcup due to the width of the bottom. The stem sticks almost completely outside my body, but I can barely feel it, so I kept it intact. If it starts to bother me, I may trim it. The lack of grip rings made it very comfortable to wear. Hopefully, my periods will slack up as I get used to the paragard. If so, I may only use this cup.

Quick question, I'm afraid to let my moon cup usa fill past the holes. Will it leak if I let it fill past the holes? The holes are very small and being able to let it fill up more will allow me to wear it on heavier days and for longer on lighter days.
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