activistmind (activistmind) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie removal mess and ridicule from friends..

So I'm pretty new to the world of menstrual cups and they're great! I'm on my second time using my DivaCup, and have no problem with the insertion or popping open of it. I only have two issues.

1: when I remove my cup there is usually a mess that ends up on my hands. I remove it sitting on the toilet, pinching and carefully rocking it back and forth until it gets far up enough for me to break the seal completely. No matter how careful I am with this I always get blood on my hands when removing. Is there a better way to do this?

2: I'm 17, so my friends and I share everything and it's never awkward. I hear all about their sex lives so I assumed it was safe to tell them about my cup. I tried to explain the health benefits and the fact that millions of tampons are just sitting in a landfill somewhere, they didn't care. They made fun of me and now bring it up pretty often to laugh at me. How is it okay to talk about blowjobs in front of me (and I'm a lesbian so you can imagine..) but I cant talk about my menstrual cycle, something we all have in common? How do I get them to take me seriously? I'm not trying to like "convert" them or anything, I just wanted to let them know there were other options, and now they are being jerks to me. I don't even bring it up, but for some reason they do.
(and these aren't just random "sorta friends", these are my BEST friends. so it is very strange for them to do this)
Tags: divacup, family & friends, removal
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