H (heatherrebecca) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cramping during use?

Hey everyone!

I bought a Lunette size 1, then snagged a small Fleurcup when they were on sale a few weeks ago - haven't tried that one out yet. But - I have no problem getting the Lunette to open but right now I am getting some lower cramping when my cup is in. I have an IUD but strings are short - not worried about it expelling I'm on my 3rd period with the IUD so all is well there. Is the cup bumping my cervix? Do I need it lower? I can get it up there pretty far, get it out fine? But I think if its up too high - I could be bumping my cervix and that's causing the cramps? I'm not cramping when I use tampons. But I just started cramping when I put my cup in this afternoon at work - hadn't planned on having to but I bled through a super tampon and all over myself unexpectedly. (This Paragard IUD has caught me off guard with the amount of blood in general and the amount of blood without clots - it's like I'm giving blood!)

Tags: fleurcup, lunette

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