foggyimage (foggyimage) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Advice maybe? :)

Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on changing my cup at school. I'm 15 and I've used a cup for a year (also a virgin). I use a Lg FleurCup. I have a cervix that hangs inside the cup slightly so my capacity is a little reduce (I'm not sure by how much) The cup is always 3/4ths full when it leaks if that gives you an idea.

Recently my period got really heavy (for me). I ended up changing my cup every four hours last period. I just got my period again yesterday and I am changing my cup every hour. Yes, every hour! My question is do you think this amount of changing is normal? How do you guys get through work/school with changing so often? I only get two breaks throughout my 8 hour school day that I can empty my cup. Should I just wear pads tomorrow?

Any advice is appreciated!
Tags: heavy blood flow

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