sapphrikah (sapphrikah) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lost my cup, thinking about trying a different kind this time?

I lost my DivaCup! I'm not that upset because I had it for about a year but I'm not so sure if I should go straight for the Diva again.

Every period, my first couple of nights, I was SUPER prone to leaking. My cervix moves down and I'm pretty sure it takes up space in the cup, especially because if I feel it about to leak and change it, it's only a little over halfway full. I had heard that I should try flipping it inside out to shorten it but I never really had the chance to try that.

I'm thinking maybe I should try one that is shorter with a larger capacity. Does anyone have any suggestions? And if you do, could you also leave a suggestion of the cheapest place to buy/order one? Thank youuu!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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