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Looking for my Goldilocks cup

Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site, but I was hoping I could get some advice about which second cup to purchase. I've looked around and I still can't decide which cup to get! So many options and choices!

This community is great and I have looked through a ton of the posts over the past couple months. Thanks for all the info and help!

I am a 23 year old who is sexually active and has had no children.
I finally got past the learning curve with my size 1 Diva cup, after probably like 6 or seven cycles of frustration and leaks.

This past cycle I have located my cervix and figured out the best techniques for me (punch down) for opening and placement around my cervix.
Turns out that my cervix points to the right, so for a while I was unknowingly inserting my cup next to it instead of around it, and the divacup would travel way up and not collect anything...
I'm also looking for a cup with a rim that is thinner because of the way I have to 'hook my cup' around the right side, since my cervix pretty much points right at the right wall. Though the Diva seems to be one of the cup brands with the least notice-able rim that I have seen...

Too much info maybe, but I have trouble using the bathroom with my cup in (pee or bowel movement) , and would like the convenience of not taking my cup out, like while at work, in a hurry, or in a public restroom. Also, I can feel my diva cup and it sometimes makes me a bit sore, or gives me kind of a crampy feeling.

Diva's length doesn't bother me, though my stem is trimmed off and I can still pinch the bottom of the cup. I never fill my cup up more than 3/4, even on my heaviest days. I am looking for something softer.
Considering Ladycup or Cuplee because of their softness.
Anyone have any input? Thanks for reading!! :D
Tags: cup lee, divacup, lady cup
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