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Jasmine Cup

I recently got a mysterious Jasmine Cup and thought I'd post some photos and details about it. First, though, I have to say that I had a terrible swapping experience with the only person I know who resells Jasmine Cups (user Jolly Lemon, who posts on MC Sales) and strongly recommend against buying from or swapping with her. She sent it in a flat rate Express Mail padded envelope (postage $18.95), but only paid media mail postage on it, so when it arrived, the post office demanded that I pay the balance  ($16) before releasing the parcel to me. She offered to refund me half, then said she had no money to pay even that, so now I am wrangling with the post office to get a refund.

Anyway, the Jasmine Cup comes in a green box with a...hibiscus on it. It claims to be made in Canada, although the information on the sheet inside is in French and the company seems to be based in France. The website listed on the sheet ( does not work. From what I can tell, the Jasmine Cup is a near-exact copy of the Diva except with a long, flat, Lunette-style stem. I got a size one, which is the smaller size. The measurements on the box are totally off, but I measured it at 42mm wide and about 80mm long, making it slightly narrower than the Diva (44mm by 69mm) and more than 10mm longer. (The Jasmine stem is 25mm long.)

It's made out of frosted silicone with a slight blue tint, and has two small holes (not angled), circular grip rings around the base, measuring lines at 7.5 and 15ml on the inside, and a double rim. 'Jasmine Cup' and 'Made in Canada' are written in small, raised letters on the inside rim.  The bag is green cotton with the Jasmine flower and name printed on it, and almost too small for the cup.
Jasmine Cup and box
I'm not too thrilled with the quality of the Jasmine Cup. The holes were not completely perforated, the seams where the two halves of the mold met are fairly sharp, and there's a rough spot on the cup where the mold was worn or something else was going on. Still, nothing that can't be fixed.

In comparison to the other cups I own, it is on the stiffer side (comparable to a small Lunette) and much, MUCH longer. From left to right, we have the small Jasmine, Natural Mamma, small Fleur, and small LadyCup. Volume-wise, it holds somewhere between the small Fleur (22.5cc) and the Natural Mamma (30cc) -- probably close to what the small Diva holds (27.5cc). I might try to sneak it into the chem lab this semester to check the volume with a graduated cylinder. :-)
Cup comparison: Jasmine, Natural Mamma, Fleur, LadyCup

I was curious, so I tried the Jasmine on a dry run. It is harder for me to pop open because the holes are so small and the cup is so long that my usual tricks for getting my shorter cups to pop open didn't work as well. After I got it in, I realized that I probably didn't need such a long cup. If I wanted to use it as my primary cup, I would trim the stem by at least one notch. However, if the Diva tends to pull a disappearing trick on you, the longer stem of the Jasmine might be perfect for you.

If there's anything else you want to know about the Jasmine, let me know! Edited to place photos behind a cut. Also, mods, can you add a Jasmine Cup tag? Here's a link to a previous poster's entry with the large Jasmine cup (47mm by 82mm, according to the poster's measurements).
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, dry run, stem length/trimming
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