Cupper (moonserenity92) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which cup to buy?

Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to menstrual cups, I have never tried them before. I was wondering what cup I should buy? I'm a heavy bleeder and a virgin. I have never used tampons, apart from one attempt about a year ago. I have been told cups can be very unpleasant and painful to use if you are a virgin, which is making me feel very nervous and hesitant about trying them

I bought a L and XL Me-luna because the XL meluna is supposed to have the highest capacity. I have not received these cups yet, so I can't say how it went yet.

I was also wondering a good place to buy cups? I don't live in Europe or the US or anywhere near there and the cost of buying these cups is really too much for me. I am a student who only has a small income which makes it really difficult for me once you add shipping on top!

I am very keen about trying the Femmycycle, which I will try out probably soon. The shipping from overseas makes it very difficult to afford these cups. The juju is also another one I want to try out, but it's extremely expensive without the shipping :(
Tags: buying decisions, femmycycle, health risks, juju, meluna, virginity, where to buy

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