Rainne (xdawnfirex) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So... that was fun!

Here I am again, ladies! Fresh from this morning's trip to the E.R. because the DivaCup decided it liked where it was and it was not coming out. For over a day.

I think 2 things happened here. 1) The small DivaCup was possibly too large for me; 2) The silicone of the DivaCup is so stiff that I couldn't break the seal. But apparently, by yesterday, my vagina was so swollen inside that I couldn't bear down hard enough to push the cup down so I could reach it to break the seal.

And when I say that, I mean that my finger, which is 3" long, could just touch the cup's stem when it was all the way up inside, and when I bore down and pushed it as far as I could get it to push, I still couldn't reach the top edge to break the seal.

SO. Clearly I need something that's made of softer silicone, and maybe something that's narrower?

I would really love all of your suggestions at this point, because I don't know which one to choose. I have a fairly heavy flow usually 2 out of 4 days of my period, but the small Diva was able to handle it without leaks, so I'm not worried really about capacity. I do want to make a decision soon, though, so I can order whatever I'm going to order and make sure it's here by next month.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: brand comparisons, heavy blood flow, sizes/size issues
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