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Silicone vs TPE

Hi everyone!

I am new to menstrual cups and am deciding between Lunette and MeLuna. I hope my questions aren't weird!

I absolutely LOVE MeLuna's color selection and that they have so many different stem types. However I have searched online and read that TPE is slightly more porous than silicone, thus harder to disinfect. That is the only thing holding me back from MeLuna because I'm worried about infections or TSS or something?

Could it be that there are different kinds of Elastomers and the ones in MeLuna is not porous? Does it even really matter that it is slightly more porous than Silicone?

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: I emailed MeLuna asking if Silicone is slightly more porous than TPE, and my concern that it might harbour bacteria and got a response :)

" Oh - this is a strange and even wrong information. Who says that?

There are many different types of TPE, and there are also many different types of silicone. So there are no global characteristics of the material.

Just think of silicone for bathrooms and for breast OPs J

Our TPE has excellent characteristics, it is approved for medical devices and blood contact. It is used in hospitals. Because it is hypoallergenic. Because it's absolutely perfect to disinfect.

For more information: "

Yay! This puts my MC newbie mind at ease! Can't wait to get a glitter cup! Thanks everyone for your responses! I'm new to all this and tampons is all I've ever used, I only found out about MC's a few days ago! <3

UPDATE #2: I tried the small and large Lunette today and have come to the conclusion that I really do prefer soft cups. Of course, this is only based on a dry run. The soft is actually easier to open than the hard one in my opinion, and I know from what I've read it's usually the other way around. Maybe I just have a technique that works best with soft cups. Can't wait til my next cycle!

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