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Cup choice help

This might get to be long, sorry in advance!

I really want to use a cup. I really really want it to work for me.

I've tried so many and all of them were not quite right. It's complicated by having a baby vaginally in the middle of trying them. Sort of feel like I need to go back to the beginning and start again. But I can't afford to keep buying cups. I want to save money by not having to use tampons and constantly buying cups that I don't like is not going to save me money. So I thought I'd turn to you all here for some advice!

I've tried (in no particular order)

Small mooncup UK - post caesarean but pre vaginal birth - definitely too firm and irritated my urethra. Chose because it was the first one on the market way back then.

Large diva cup - chosen because I was looking for a large capacity cup that was softer. But even turned inside out it was a bit too big and the uber suction was uncomfortable. Tried post Caesarean section and pre vaginal birth.

Small ladycup - more comfortable than the other two. Liked the firmness level. Capacity was too low and it was too slippery to remove easily. Tried post caesarean and pre vaginal birth.

Natural Mama cup - also liked the firmness if it but the bottom of the cup was a weird shape and irritated my vagina, even with the stem removed. Closest I've got to finding the right cup. Tried post caesarean and vaginal birth.

So I need a cup that has a fairly good capacity, has some kind of grip to remove, isn't too firm, opens easily ish (I appreciate that's difficult with a softer cup) and doesn't have uber suction.

My thoughts on the issue have been:

-fleurcup - sounds like its softer than the mooncup UK but firmer than the diva. Which sounds about right. Shape sounds good too but could potentially be too long. What is the capacity like? Grip at the bottom seems good too but stem may be irritating. How easy is it to remove without the stem?

-Meluna - have a big choice of sizes, firmness and removal nubs (like ring, ball, stem, stemless etc). So many choices though and I'm extremely confused.

-Femmycycle - this is new so there aren't a lot of reviews which is obviously making it a bit harder to find out more about it. The shortness of the cup and the softness appeal to me as well as the spill proof thing, as I am physically disabled and have quite shaky hands. But am worried that it won't open easily and that it'll have uber suction as it has no holes.

Can you all help me with suggestions for my goldilocks cup? I have heavy periods and if I want to be physically active during my period I need to find a cup which will work. If I go out just wearing pads I flood or leaks everywhere. I found sea sponges way too big and uncomfortably rough to insert. Tampons aren't ideal to me because they're wasteful and dry out my vagina.

I haven't tagged the post as I'm on my phone and can't figure out how to access the list of tags on here. Apologies in advance mods. I also can't find the comparison charts on my phone, which is the only net access I have atm.

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