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Well, Everybody's Heard...About the Nerd

First post - so excited!

I'm twenty-one, and have been unsuccessfully trying to use menstrual cups since I was fourteen. I have an extremely heavy flow (think soaking a super-plus tampon every two hours) and even when I wear tampons, I leak into the pad I wear for backup, which is why I wanted to use a cup. The small DivaCup, though, hurt me so badly to try that I couldn't even get it in. (Recently found out that my vagina is small enough that a pediatric speculum reaches my cervix adequately - which is both a relief to know and hugely disturbing).

Well, I ordered an extra-small MeLuna before going home on winter break, and when I came back today, I was on the fifth day of my period. So I thought I'd try out the cup once I got my books, etc. from the commons. With great trepidation (and some lube), I shut myself in the bathroom and gave it a try.


At first, there was that same stinging, stretching pain that I always feel when I try a cup, but I tried to follow the natural curve of my vagina. The cup kind of curved, then popped itself into place.

Question is, how do I know if it opened adequately? When I took it out, I could feel a good strong suction holding it in place, and once I got past my vaginal opening, I couldn't feel the cup inside me. Is that an indicator of a cup opening?
Tags: first time use, insertion, meluna

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