Illu (aussiecritter) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Adventures of the Juju Cup.

G'day. I'll try and make this short and sweet. 

I'm a very rural Australian so the Juju cup is my only real brand choice. Problem is it's a bloody (hah) pain to remove and doesn't always sit right. It's my first cycle, second day, I'm 21, very tight, 5'7", and own the small. 

Seal:  When I insert, I always make sure it sits as low possible and the cup is open. Alas, my Juju developed a torrid love affair with my cervix and quickly begins a migration in order to spoon each other. Along the journey, it likes to drop its contents to make travel easier, despite only being 1/5th full. I tried to sleep with it too, and it showed its appreciation by creating art on my panties to lovingly surprise me when I woke up.

Removal:   hen I try to remove it, it will scream and cry and desperately cling on its new friend. Alas, I can only fit one finger up and the Juju likes to sit juuuust high enough that I can't reach over the rim. It also likewise sits juuuust up enough I can only grip the very tip of the stem, but it's so slippery it's difficult to hold on to even with tissues. The Juju, in terror of my attempts to remove it, often piddles itself (in red) out of fear. I've resorted to tying a tampon string to the stem to fish it out, but the resulting suction is making Lady Cervix feel very sore and violated.

I'm posting because all the methods I've read here for seal checking and removal seem to involve fitting at least two fingers or being able to reach the rim with one finger, neither of which I can do. Any one have any other suggestions?

TLDR; My cervix and Juju like to spoon each other, which makes things messy, and I've got tighter vaginal security than North Korea. HALP.
Tags: first time use, juju, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sleeping
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