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Almost clear leaks & the effects of excersize

I've got two points to make, but didn't really want to go ahead and make two separate posts to spam the community. Not sure if that's a good thing to do or not. :P

Just so you know, the first question is a lot more TMI than the other. thankyew.

So... the other day I was just wearing my cup. On mah period. As you do. And I think I feel a leak. No biggie, I've got a pad on. I was going to be out the house all day so decided to wear a disposable one instead of cloth. (the point is it was white and colors showed up easily ;) )
Anyway... few hours and big leaks later, I get back to my house with *gasp* my own toilet. Privacy! Yes! So I go to the toilet and my leaks were almost completely clear. The stuff inside the cup was that beautiful vivid scarlet red colour that we all know and hate, but everything which had leaked out was so colorless.  Is this 'normal'? Could it my vajay being clever and trying to lubricate itself because the cup annoys it or something?

Round 2.
Have you noticed your flow changing on your period depending on what exercise you do? So, for me, if I mope around all the time and barely move then I get a lighter but longer lasting flow, which will immediately become heavier when I get out and about and exercise. If I go out, though, my first day is VERY heavy, but the rest is relatively light and my period only lasts about a week.

Thanks, peoples!

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