wardmr (wardmr) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Time Diva Cup user problems

Hi, I'm a first time menstrual cup user. I purchased the Diva Cup on the first day of my period after a long process of research. I have followed the manual that came in the box and found my fold. The problem I'm now facing is cramping and the feeling that I have to pee. I have problems with Yeast infections and UTIs so I'm worried that if the cup is causing cramps and this kind of feeling will it also cause these infections as well. I also am having trouble telling if the cup is spinning or not. I used the other suggested method of pushing in on one side to help open the cup. So is the cup too far inside of me or am I inserting it incorrectly. I know that it takes time getting use to and I want to have success with it. Any advice or help anyone can give me would be appreciated. I joined this live journal just to be able to get more assistance from people who understand what I'm going through. I'm the first of my friends to attempt a menstrual cup.

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