spidersloveme (spidersloveme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How long does it take for fleurcup to ship to the USA?

I'm selling my lunette and divacup on mc_sales in favor of a large fleurcup with more capacity. I ordered it a week ago and I'm one of those types that constantly updates the tracking info on an order. Unfortunately for my sanity, fleurcup.com does not give tracking info on their orders! I live in the southeastern USA. About how long does it take to receive a fleurcup.com order?

EDIT: It seems there was a mess-up somewhere and I was supposed to receive a tracking number. I emailed customer service and they emailed my tracking number about 3 hours later. I'm pretty damn impressed, especially since it's a sunday!

Also, I forgot to get a pouch with the cup and once my diva sells I won't have a pouch. I plan on using a clean, thin cotton sock until I can find a cloth pouch. I've looked on etsy but the cheapest they have there is around 8$+ shipping. Where can I snag one for cheaper? I'm pretty low on cash and would rather spend less than 10$ for a 3x2 inch pouch of fabric.
Tags: cup pouch & storage, customer service, fleurcup
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