Sarah (llama_friendly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

No idea how long my vagina is..

I am looking to buy my first menstrual cup. I tried the Instead Softcup and it would pop out of place and I could feel it, which hurt. The pressure also seemed to make my cramps worse. Hopefully, menstrual cups are still an option for me and don't feel the same as the Insteads.

Also, I am trying to accurately determine the length of my vagina in order to pick the right cup. When I tried to reach the end of my vagina with my index finger, I definitely could not. I have short fingers though! Despite the length of my fingers, does this mean I have a longer vagina? I felt like I wasn't even close to the end or my cervix. I was not on my period when I tried this though.

So, if it is true that my vagina is long and I have had a child vaginally then is the Femmecup a good option? I'm drawn to this one after looking at charts and watching videos about it.

Thank you!

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