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Diva Cup - First Time

Okay, so I'm new here and a little embarrassed to be sharing this with a bunch of strangers. XD But I don't know who else to turn to.

So, I just got my first cup, a Diva Cup, in the mail today. I wanted to try it out before I had a mess of blood to deal with, so I tried putting it in, but... I can't. When I try to get it in there, no matter what fold I use, I feel like it's stretching me and it really hurts. I'm so sore I feel like I want to be sitting on ice! I must be doing something wrong because it also feels like it's hitting a wall (or something) inside. I've tried a couple of different folds, but they haven't worked... I almost had it inside one of the eight times I tried, but when I kind of stopped holding on to the folded part, it snapped open and I felt like I had been snapped with a rubber band. It hurt so bad that I jumped and accidentally pulled it out. Honestly, it hurts too bad to try again tonight, but do you have any advice for trying again in the morning?
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion - painful or problems
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