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Another Russian brand. ALSO: DON'T OVERTHINK IT:))))))

There's a new Russian brand, called LilaCup. (not to be mixed up with the Lili cup (not sold), Lily cup or especially LilacCup)
here's a post from them, in Russian: Right now everyone from that comm gets a 5% discount from them:)
They say the cup is quite soft. There are two sizes:
-small: 40x50, total length 75 mm, 20 ml to the holes
-large: 45x55, total length 70 mm, 25 ml to the holes
No colours (as of now).

Both sizes are fairly usual, of course, but I like that the small is a bit longer than most similar cups (especially the total length).

Also, a ramble: don't overthink it :D When I realized that despite my love for everything Finnish, the small Lunette was not for me, the natural choice back in 2010 was a small Meluna (now called Mini). I hesitated because of the stiffness, though (no soft back then), and also, there used to be an "inside diameter" chart at the sizecharts and I thought this could be the reason, so I got a large Ladycup. Later on I tried the medium meluna mini (soft) and the new small meluna soft. These were mostly good enough, especially the medium. I was considering getting a second one and/or trying out a soft mini small. Nowadays these are harder to find, though, and as I wanted it asap I got a small classic mini. And I love it! For my superlow cervix, it definitely has the perfect dimensions :) I might get a soft one too, but I really should've got that classic one 2.5 years ago XD

Finally, a horror story. When I was on the phone with a Russian reseller, the woman made sure I knew that the small mini is really tiny compared to most cups. She then said: "Yeah, some people prefer short cups, because the long ones travel up high." Ummmmmmm :/ I decided not to explain that it's actually the opposite.

Anyway, happy new year everyone!!! Who else celebrated it with a cup inside? :D
Tags: buying decisions, customer service, diagrams & pictures, meluna, meluna - soft
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