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27 December 2012 @ 11:53 pm
So I have a Fleurcup that I've been using for about 4 cycles now.

The first cycle it was fantastic! I only had leaking a few times when there was overflow, and I was prepared for that and wearing pads as back up. Really really wonderful, and when I used it, for the first time since I started having periods, I did not have horrid cramps!

However, on the second cycle I had a bit of leaking a few times that was not because of overflow. Nothing too bad, just a bit of spottyness.

On the third cycle, I had even more problems with leakage. I figured that I had gotten too confident or was maybe in too much of a rush when I was putting it in, so I made sure to take my time and really try to feel around to make sure it was in right, which did not help at all.

I'm now on my fourth cycle of using it, and it's like it's not even catching the blood at all. I really don't know what's going on here. I've poked up inside me and made sure my cervix isn't somewhere weird and as far as I can tell, it isn't.

After reading some other posts, it looks like twisting it probably isn't helping and is probably part of the problem, as once I started having leaks I started really trying to twist it to "make it seal". But I also don't think that's the whole problem as I started having leaking before I really started twisting a lot. I'm thinking maybe a different fold or something? I'm currently using the origami fold as when I was trying to do different folds when I first got it, it kept ending up in that position, lol. I'll also note that the first two cycles when I was using it, I would sometimes feel it pop open up to an hour after I put it in.
Any other suggestions or ideas? Suggestions for specific folds that might work better if that's maybe part of the problem?
lemmons998 on January 27th, 2013 07:49 pm (UTC)
Hello all,
Thanks for the replies. In the middle of the next period now, and things are going much better. I stopped doing all the different things I had been trying to do and just went back to how I was doing it in the first place.

1.Sometimes I think it wasn't popping open or was taking a bit to do it. Based on another thread, I've started making sure that the part I fold down has two of those little holes in it, so the air can get sucked through those as it pops and create a seal.
2. I think another problem I've had with it popping open is that I need to stay upright and standing for at least a couple minutes after I put it in, and maybe wiggle around a bit to cause it to open. I've had a couple times in the morning where I've cleaned it out, and after I put it back in I just jump back in bed, and then it leaks.
3. The little holes seemed to have just a bit of material hanging off of them and I think sometimes that maybe flapped over the holes. I have now ripped them off.
4. I think that after the first period, I got a little over confident and possibly started angling it more up than straight back when I put it in. So it was possibly just in there sideways.

So, besides one hiccup the other night, this one has gone much much better, hopefully it will continue to do so. Although I am considering also ordering a meluna to try. So we'll see.