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Buying Help: Teen

Hi y'all! I'm a 15-year old girl interested in buying a cup. Unfortunately my mom won't let me (she thinks they're unhygienic and gross. No amount of persuasion on my part will convince her otherwise)... But that's another problem altogether.

So, I'm currently on the rag. My flow is usually pretty light (heaviest days maybe 2 regular tampons in 15 hours or so), but recently I think my cycles have gone whacko because I haven't had my period for 3 months, and now it's super light (can barely fill a light tampon in 8 hours). But now it's gotten heavier again, and I soaked through a regular tampon for the first time ever. Lol, TMI. So, we'll see.

Measured my cervix. I can just touch it with my finger, at about 6.5cm in: does that constitute as medium? And when picking a cup, should the stem be factored in because I could cut part of it off? Someone said to add 10mm to the original length because your cervix often dangles in the cup. And I'll probably need a softer silicone, because I don't exercise enough.

I'd prefer a cup with a large enough capacity that I don't have to empty it more than once a day. Never had sex, so I'd prefer something on the skinnier side too.

So I'm thinking a small Yuuki. I'm assuming a small Fleurcup/Lunette would be too short, and a small Keeper too large? And this is all for the future when I can convince my mom to let me get one... Sigh.
Thank you!
Tags: buying decisions

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