Darling Nikki (jessiebanana) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Darling Nikki

Super Late TA-DA Moment

So I've been wearing a cup for almost a year now and through trial and error I had decided that the labia fold was the best for me. It wasn't smooth sailing all the time, but it was better than the rest. Other folds were either too large for insertion or impossible to unfold, like the punch down. There was a fold I never really gave a shot, because it reminded of the dreaded punch down. Well, I was watching menstrual cup and cloth pad videos on YT, cause I'm obsessed like that, when I heard a girl who had issues with insertion and popping open mention she uses the 7 fold. Piqued my interest, since this is the fold I never gave a shot...

Holy mother of awesome. I wear a small soft MINI MeLuna, so it has that defined thicker rim and this fold makes it nice and slender and comfortable to insert. It's a smaller fold than the labia and it actually pops, well I push on the folded part, but it opens up conveniently around my cervix, without pushing my cup down and around. Pretty cool I think :D.
Tags: insertion, insertion - folding methods, meluna, meluna - soft

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