==== (tralane93) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Having trouble finding the right cup

Hey everyone. I've been having some issues with my cups - my first was the small Diva, which is really really too long, even with the stem cut off. It still sticks out of me over an inch. My cervix is super low. After doing some research, I ordered a medium Meluna, which I didn't really like. I then got a SMALL Meluna, which is the perfect size for me, with one issue.......it can't create a seal. It's like it is fine for a little while, then starts to leak.

I don't think it is because it is full because sometimes it's only in there for about a half hour (with a light flow) and it starts to leak. I have a hard time telling if the cup is open, even after rotating it and trying my hardest to make it work. I think the cup is too soft?

Does anyone have any advice for me? I don't really know what is causing this issue and I'm getting really discouraged. I'm also open to buying a new cup.

Thank you! :(
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