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Newbie....New IUD....Not sure what I've gotten myself into!

Hello All,

I've had an IUD inserted as of Wednesday last week - insertion went fine - no cramping as of now (Thursday a week later) I used tampons the Friday after with no troubles. I joined the IUD- Divas community as I was interested about using a menstrual cup with my IUD - the catch? I've never used one. I have used NuvaRing prior to having my IUD inserted - so I'm okay with getting up close and personal so to speak with myself in that respect of inserting a menstrual cup. My doctor advised it would be perfectly fine and I have been checking my strings on my IUD every so often (about three times to check position, etc) - seems they are tucked securely to the left of my cervix - I can't find the ends and boyfriend couldn't feel them either - they aren't poking anywhere so I can't estimate length since I haven't found the end to them yet and don't want to accidentally tug on them to find them and end up expelling my IUD. I have my follow up appointment in about a month so I could probably ask my GYN to give me a length then.

I purchased the Lunette size 1 IUD Aine and it arrived today but haven't gotten the courage to open it or try a dry run yet. haha I hate to be such a chicken about it but being new at something like this - and having no friends or relatives who have any experience with menstrual cups - I'm out in left field with this.

Any tips for a newbie to both IUDs and menstrual cups? i'm trying not to be paranoid but I just keep imagining I'm going to pull out my IUD or something silly like that.
Tags: first time use, iud, lunette

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