pursuitofhealth (pursuitofhealth) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Confused about night time leaking

My cup does great when I'm upright. I use a small fleurcup, which doesn't have great capacity, but I never have problems during the day. If I take a brief nap, it might leak. At night it always leaks after hours.

At first I thought my pubic bone was squishing the cup and breaking the seal, because it's a softer cup and my anatomy is positioned that way. I think this is happening sometimes, but isn't the main problem?

The most recent time I woke, I know fluid had leaked out of the cup. But I tugged on it and the seal seemed fine. The suction seemed just like it should be.

What puzzles me is then I break the seal and empty the cup, and the cup isn't that full. It seemed like only half the volume was taken up, so it should be able to go hours longer before leaking.

I do have a sort of low cervix, but in the day time, the cup fills up to the holes and I feel it, and empty it. No problem. Why do the night time problems happen? I think it leaks only because all the holes get clogged or obstructed? 

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