Amelia (mood_swinger23) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Where do you store your "goodies?"

I have a question for the hippies! (And well, non hippies who just happen to like cups and cloth!! ;))

I'm wondering: where do you store your "goodies" (cups and cloth) when you're not using them? Since I had to order a second cup for size/capacity, I now have two cups. I also have 3 liners. I've been keeping them in my sock drawer (and the cups in a plastic container w/ lid off the top) but would like to find another more fun way to store them. Both have pouches, but I'm not entirely fond of the pouches. They're good for transporting around, but for in my room I'd like something a bit more discreet or at least fun.

So-- what do you guys use? I think I've maybe read a few people say they have a wooden box for all their stuff? Any other ideas? Anyone use a wet bag/makeup bag/pouch or something? Does it carry more than 1 cup?

I think it's almost safe to say this community has done that "c" word to me... but I'll wait juuust one more cycle before I admit to it ;)

Thanks for everyone's help these past few months! :)

Tags: cup pouch & storage, fleurcup, lunette

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