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Clueless newbie here

Hi all!

I've been planning on getting myself a proper cup for a while now (I've been using Softcups for the past few cycles) and now that I finally have the funds I'm going to order one. Thing is, I have absolutely no idea where to start and there's so much choice in size, firmness, stems, brands, and a million other things it's making my head spin a little bit. So I'm going to list some concerns/thoughts here, and if someone could help me by recommending cups or pointing me in the right direction that would be superb :)

I'm 19, not a virgin anymore but I've only had sex a few times and only with another woman. Penetration can be really painful for me because my muscles are tense down there a lot of the time and I think the entrance to my vagina is pretty small/my hymen is still in-tact, somehow. Like two fingers hurts unless I've taken ages to relax and get into it. That said, I never had much of a problem getting the softcups in after the first time or two. As far as length, when I'm standing up and bearing down a little I can poke at my cervix pretty easily, but I can't touch it at all it if I'm lying down or sitting (and I have pretty long fingers). I don't know whether I count as a small, medium, or large, but I think I probably need a narrow one, right?

I feel like my cervix kind of sticks out of the front wall of my vagina and sticks either straight out towards the back wall or angles upwards a little, but I can't tell for sure. That's normal, right? It's not going to interfere with using a cup?

Like I said, I have pretty good pelvic muscles and my vagina curves forwards rather sharply after my pubic bone, so I'm worried a longer cup might be flattened a little bit and leak. 

I was looking at the Lily Cup ( because the shape seems comfortable and easy to instert, and it looks like it will hook behind my cervix a little bit. And they're kind of cute, to be honest. Does anyone know if they're any good, how firm they are, stuff like that? It's a bit on the expensive side but if it's worth it I'd be okay with shelling out the money now and saving on disposable stuff.

I live in Canada so anything made here or that can be shipped here without crazy international shipping prices would be awesome. 

Thanks in advance for any and all help. I really appreciate it!
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