tauq (tauq) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First run with my cup!

Hey all!

I just bought my first cup, a small Diva, and was excited to try it as my period was just starting. I'm definitely having a few problems though...

Day 1: Inserted it in the shower, but couldn't get it to rotate - how do you get a grip on that thing?? I'll admit I panicked a bit when I couldn't grip it and found a way to remove it quickly (involving pliers and yanking on the stem). Paranoid, I tied a string to it and tried again, but my lady bits had enough by then.

Day 2: Got it in! But once again, couldn't rotate it. There's NO WAY I can cram a finger and a thumb up in there at the same time as the cup to rotate. Things went pretty well, but every once in awhile I could feel the stem rub if I sat a certain way. I also felt like I had to urinate more often.

Removal was also... less than fun, though better than expected. I managed to cram a finger in there to break the seal, but when it came to actually getting it out, I had so much trouble! The stem pushed to the side while I was busy figuring out the seal, and kept rubbing the lady bits uncomfortably. And between the stem and my finger plugging the hole, my thumb didn't stand a change of grabbing the base. Anyone else have a better solution to this? I ended up using the string I tied on for emergency to gently tug down the cup so I could reach it and remove, but I'd rather not have to deal with strings in the future (That's the joy of cups, not tampons!)

It's Day 3 now and I've gone back to pads, aka. diapers, to give my sore vag a break. The stem is what rubbed and made things a bit raw, but I'm paranoid that if I cut it I'll never be able to get it out! Anyone else have this predicament?
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, removal, removal - painful or problems, stem length/trimming, urination

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