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Diva Cup Painful like "Too-low" Tampon

Hi there,

I am 26, no kids, not a virgin. I had really been looking forward to using the diva cup (I have a size 1), and because I am very comfortable with tampons (I prefer OBs), I wasn't expecting difficulties. But I have tried for several months in a row now, using a couple insertion techniques, and I have not yet had success. My main problem is not one that I've come across in this blog yet.

Basically, I find WEARING the cup (not so much inserting or removing it) painful and uncomfortable. And here's the deal: it feels EXACTLY like a tampon that hasn't been inserted high enough. This actually makes sense to me. I mean, when I wear a tampon, I insert it very far inside with my middle finger, but when I wear the diva cup, the base is always just barely inside and the stem is slightly sticking out. The slight pain and strong discomfort are not from the stem, though: it really feels exactly like the discomfort/pain of a tampon that's too low.

Is there a new insertion trick I can try to make the cup sit higher inside? I don't see how else to avoid the "low-tampon feel." The cup always seems to open right after I let go of the sides inside, so perhaps I'm inserting it wrong and not getting it high enough to start with? Whenever I try to push it inside higher after it's already opened inside, it leaks even more than it does normally.

Other problems: The cup ALWAYS leaks; I have a lot of trouble spinning the cup once it's inside; I don't know whether I've positioned it properly (and have never felt my cervix, so really don't know where I should be putting it); I don't know what folks mean by "suction" or "seal" and don't think I've felt either... not sure what either is supposed to feel like; it hurts and spills when I try to take it out - because the only way I know to take it out without it popping out and hurting is to reach in (which is hard to do) and pinch it into the same closed shape I use to put it in, which therefore pinches blood out.

I had hoped to take this cup on a long backpacking trip to avoid carrying tampons - but I've just about given up hope of ever wearing one.

Can someone advise me any new techniques to get this cup to a higher, more comfortable place? Or do you think the cup is too big/small/hard/soft for my body? Any tips on finding my cervix?

Many thanks, all.

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