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Yuuki Cup Holes

I've been lurking on this site for a couple of months now, and I purchased a small Yuuki cup.
So, three of the holes are open, meaning I can see through them from the outside of the cup.
One of the holes, though, is open (I know because I took a pin and gently pushed it through), but it seemsqs to be sort of closed from the outside of the cup. Unfortunately, I don't have pics to show you because none of the cameras I have have good enough quality to see what I am talking about.
The hole on the Yuuki is open on the inside of the cup, but I cannot see the opening on the outside. When I tried it on a dry run, I believe that it suctioned all the way.
I haven't tried it on my period yet, but I nervous about this hole thing. I mean, I believe it's open because I pushed a pin through. When I washed it out after my dry run, I did that thing where you put your palm over the cup and squeeze so that the water comes out the holes. Well, there were steady streams of water from the three holes, but the other hole did not let the water through.
Do you think I should get another one? Have any of you ever had this problem? Would it still be okay to use on my period?
Tags: cleaning, dry run, seal & suction, yuuki

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