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On my 4th cycle and still struggling with my MCUK - Help!

Hi everyone, I just love this community! It has helped me a LOT!

Before I got my MCUK size A (I'm 31) I read a lot of things about the cups and I'm sure it'll eventually work great for me. I won't give up!

1. Before getting the cup, I had the idea that it would NEVER leak because of the vacuum and if it was in the right position, was the right size and had formed a seal. I had read about people who went on long bus trips without emptying the cup, etc. I was a bit disappointed to discover (now that I'm experiencing with the cup and reading even more about it) that it'll leak if it gets full.

2. The holes of my MCUK are always blocked when I remove the cup. Is that normal? How does that interfere in seal and leakage (or other things)? I always rinse my cup and unblock the holes (find it funny to press the cup full of water to see it coming out through the holes!) before reinserting it.

3. I'm not quite sure if I'm positioning the cup right. I can't feel it inside me (good sign) and I check to see if it's popped open ok (twist it and everything) and the tip of the stem (half of it is gone) is facing just below my urethra.

4. REMOVAL (big issue!): not easy/straightforward as described! The first time it was absolutely horrible. It really hurt when the rim came out! I followed the instructions, but I must have done something wrong. I then looked for a solution and found some people suggesting you fold the cup to remove it. It works for me in the sense that it's not painful to remove the cup, but when I fold the cup inside me, a lot of the blood is spilled out of the cup and leaks all over my fingers and between my legs, and sometimes it is really hard to fold the rim, plus I can't tell how full the cup was then because of the spillage. It also takes a lot of time, sometimes 20 minutes for the whole process of removal-emptying-insertion (no problems with insertion, thanx God!). I do it while seating on the toilet, as I find it much more comfortable than squatting, especially when it takes so long! I can break the seal and bring the base of the cup outside, but after that I get scared of removing the cup without folding it. Like this, I don't think I'll be able to empty my cup in a public toilet, for example, as I don't normally sit down on public toilets. Please, I would really appreciate some very detailed explanations on how to get the rim out (which fingers do you use to pinch the base? where exactly do you pinch the base? at what angle do you take it out? to which side do you tilt the cup? etc. etc. etc.)

Thanks in advance and I'm talking about the cup to all my friends!!
Tags: leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), removal, removal - painful or problems
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