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Most Recent Reason

So, last night, I discovered just another of the many, many reasons I love my cup.

Based on my birth control packet, I knew my period would be starting soon, so I went looking for my cup to make sure I'd have it when the time came. I couldn't find it anywhere. Not in the bathroom. Not in the kitchen. I looked in the shower. Under the bathroom sink. It was nowhere to be found.

I'm talking this over with myself in the mirror, when the light bulb clicks on. The last time I saw it? During my last period! Which means, there is only one place it could be: still in me!!!

And it totally was. I had been wearing it for almost a month without realizing it!!

The wonderful part is, had I worn a tampon that long, I would've gotten seriously sick and been in the hospital. But a cup? No health issues at all. I'm just relieved I didn't harm myself by wearing it that long. I'm not recommending ever wearing it that long without emptying it out, but at least I came out alright in the end. I didn't even notice it was still in there.

I truly, truly, truly love my cup!

P.S. We need a general "discussion" tag or a "reasons i love my cup" tag. Just an idea.
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