comedylover01 (comedylover01) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can Fleurcup grip rings cause vaginal lucerations?

As most of you know, Fleurcup has very pronounced grip rings.  Are these grip rings capable of causing vaginal lacerations? I love everything about my Fleurcup; this is my only concern. I mean, i've read that TSS is caused by bacteria having a chance to enter when the dryness caused by the tampon causes lacerations. What exactly caused the lacerations, though? Is it just dryness alone that causes lacerations? Or the dryness AND the friction of the tampon when you are pulling it out? Can the grip rings on the fleurcup cause lacerations? I think I'm just being anal (too obsessed) here, because i'm loving the fleurcup, I have NO signs of TSS, etc.

Also, i own both sizes of lunettes and now the fleurcup, and this always happens: when i turn the cup or push my vaginal walls out to get the cup to open, it hurts. It's like this sharp pain that lasts like 2 seconds. I'm wondering what is causing this. Is it the cup hitting my cervix? Or the suction that's hurting my cervix? And most importantly, is this harmful for my cervix? I don't want to get like a cervix surgery or something.
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