cupapallooza (cupapallooza) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which cup?

Hi everyone,

I've been reading and reading all the entries and am still utterly bamboozled by which cup I should try so I thought I'd cut to the chase and ask for expert advice direct.  I hope this isn't an annoyingly repetitive post. 

I've tried a mooncup uk, mostly because it was the only one I'd heard of until recently.  It's ok, but I find I have to wear it very high up or else it is uncomfortable and I can push it out accidentally.  All the indications are that I am high of cervix and long of vagina.  Interesting to know.  I also found it a bit too stiff, and the rim a bit bulky.  I'm 38, have no kids, medium flow.

So I think I want something longer, softer, and with less of a pronounced rim. Any suggestions??

Much appreciated. x

Update:  Thank you very much for the thoughts and advice.  I've bought a large si-bell and lunette from Femininewear (I saw the coupon code too late).  I'm sure one of those will fit the bill, so to speak, nicely!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, mooncup (uk)
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