Jennifer (jenny_b09) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup leakage problems

Hi all,

I am new to menstrual cups and a couple of months ago I bought the small JuJu cup (I live in Australia and wanted to support local, even though they are more expensive). I am now on my second period using it, and although sometimes I think I have it down I keep running into problems.

Occasionally I will put it in and it will be fine until it's full, but most of the time the cup starts to leak after several hours despite not being anywhere near full - yesterday I removed it after 9 hours and it was perfect, no leaking, then inserted it again and 5 hours later I was leaking. I do have a heavy period for the first few days, but it wasn't at all full.  Tonight I have reinserted it twice and it is still leaking so I've given up for now and put on a pad as well. What am I doing wrong? I've read through this community quite a bit and my cup is opening fully and seems to be around my cervix. When I'm on my period my cervix feels around 5-6cm into my vagina. I think my cup is slightly longer than that (I would check but I'm using it right now!)

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? My first thought was maybe the suction holes are getting clogged up, which they do fairly easily, and I thought this might be breaking the suction. Otherwise I don't know. I want to love the cup, it's amazing, but I am sick of the unpredictability I am having.
Tags: first time use, juju, leakage & spotting

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