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Dry run: What to expect (Lunette Size 1)

Well, I got a Lunette Size 1 a few days ago and this has been my first chance at doing a dry run. I zapped it in the microwave, checked out fold videos, and did my best to relax before hand. (My dad's been off work all week so I was trying to be discrete, but I don't think that had any different issue on my ability to relax, just patience maybe).

Using a C-fold and with it wet, I got it in, and then had to poke at it to get it to open up. I could tell it was in and I think it still could have been in aways further. I tried to push as far as it could go and still felt it, too. I meant to leave it in for a while, but took it out a bit frustrated and disappointed and here I am!

I only tried the one fold so far because I wanted to post here. I wasn't sure what all to expect so thought I'd try on my own before asking questions. I was pretty sure I knew what I was supposed to be doing, but still felt some discomfort (insertion, with it in, etc). Did I do everything right so far, or am I doing something wrong? Should I just keep retrying? Use different folds? Or should I assume that my impulse buy won't end up working because it's just too short and apparently too firm?

I have probably about a week until "that time" comes around again and should have a few chances for more dry runs between now and then.
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